Looking for a freelance Ruby on Rails developer in Den Haag?

Hi, I'm Glenn Jones. Since 2015 I've been professionally programming using Ruby on Rails, on a range of applications and API's, serving millions of customers, for a wide range of clients, throughout Europe.

You can hire me to help you develop a new application, or to strengthen your development team.

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Skills and technologies

I am a full stack software engineer, with a focus on highly reliable system. Simply put, it is my mission to ensure my clients receive as little downtime as humanly possible. Systems I've created and contributed to are successfully processing millions in revenue.

A word of my clients

When Les Mots, the company I co-founded three years ago, went to market, we started a collaboration with Glenn.

Glenn was involved from the start with this for us - crucial - mission to design and develop a well-functioning website. This includes the front-end, back-end, and infrastructure. We only sell our product through the website, so it is of vital importance to us that it functions well.

Since the launch, two and a half years ago, the platform is very stable. Glenn maintains the website very professionally, en after consultation makes adjustments. Our (remote) collaboration functions extremely well with the help of Trello. Glenn always responds fast, and works very efficiently.

I heartily recommend him to everyone, and every company

Elise Nebout
Managing Director @ Les Mots

Contact me

I love to work on challenging and exciting projects. I usually work from Delft where I have my office.

Think we might be a match? Contact me with through hello@nebulae2016.com, or call me on 06-40779831.

Let's meet for a cup of coffe, or schedule a call, and let's talk about your project.