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Hi there πŸ‘‹, this is where I collect relevant (tech) snippets and my thoughts on a variety of subjects.

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Silly-id ruby gem for generating locale-aware random names

Introduces a gem I've written to generate friendly (and silly) random identifiers based on the heroku haikus … β†’

Failing gpg signing key gitlab / github, two signing emails

Shows how to add multiple emails to your GPG key signatures, allowing you to have 'verified' commits on Gitlab Γ‘nd Github without constantly changing config … β†’

A no-nonsense, sane and safe password management strategy

Describes how I organise my passwords in a sane yet secure (enough) way … β†’

Letsencrypt free https for custom domain on gitlab pages with middleman

Describes how to set up free HTTPS for custom domains on gitlab pages using Middleman … β†’

Import your production data from dokku-postgres

Shares a script that allows you to import production data from dokku-postgrees to your local machine that has been a big productivity gain for me … β†’

A straightforward og-tags and meta data pattern in rails 4

Shares a simple pattern I've been using across multiple projects to implement OG-tags and other meta data on a per-page basis … β†’

Adding persistent storage to dokku

Shows how to add persistent storage to an app deployed using dokku … β†’

Deploy an elixir phoenix application to the smallest digitalocean droplet using dokku

Shows how to deploy an Elixir based Phoenix app with dokku, on a 5$/month digitalocean droplet … β†’

Elixir ecto - how to group and count records by week

Shows how to group and count records by week using the ecto fragment/2 macro … β†’

Default arguments in an elixir plug

Shows how to use default arguments in an elixir Plug … β†’

Per-controller resource authorization in elixir phoenix

A basic, single-role authorization implementation in Phoenix … β†’